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I design websites that take advantage of the latest technology to deliver feature-rich and easily updateable pages. I have an eye for detail and usability. I develop with WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System). That allows you, the owner, or someone you delegate to easily update your pages or blog on your own schedule. It also reduces your recurring costs and allows you to determine when and how often you present new content (hint: more often is better). [/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third][ut_icon icon=”fa-facebook-square” size=”fa-lg” border=”circle” align=”alignnone” color=”#d14e1c”]social media

Want to connect with your followers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other Social Media outlets? Ask me about setting up your profile on any of these sites, or customizing a page you already own. We can also connect your Social Media presence to your web site, displaying recent posts or tweets, and much more.[/ut_one_third]
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If you don’t, you are missing out on a great way to provide fresh, updated content to your site which in turn keeps you on Googl’e radar for SEO and getting found. (Find out more here).
A blog is simply a series of dated entries – it does not have to reveal your innermost thoughts. Or it could, that’s your call. Here are some things you could blog about:

  • New products
  • Job openings
  • Industry news
  • A featured product
  • Holiday hours
  • Anything that is new and/or time-sensitive
  • Cool stuff that like-minded folks would appreciate