What can I help you with today?

Web site development – the creation of a new web site from scratch using your pictures and your voice.

All of my sites are:

  • Developed so that you or someone you designate can add timely information on your own schedule. You do not have to be technical to make this work!
  • Customized to your specifications.
  • Responsive, meaning they look good on a phone, a tablet and a full-size screen.
  • Backed up, to protect against accidental loss.
  • Search engine optimized, so that you get the traffic you need.

Email marketing – get the tools you need to create effective email campaigns, branded with your company logo. Want it integrated with your blog? We can do that.

Refresh of an existing web site – “I already have a web site, but it is looking dated and/or hasn’t been updated in a while.” I can refresh what you have and update your content, or we can talk about ways to retool the whole thing. You can use your existing web address and hosting plan, but you will need access to the login information that your previous developer set up.