Every web site is different, and I cannot tell you without discussing the scope of your project what the cost will be. But I am happy to come to you to talk with you about what you need, or we can chat on the phone. For basic sites including 4-5 pages, custom backgrounds and fonts, custom layout changes and up to 5 photos, the ballpark is around $1000. Your mileage may vary depending on how involved your requirements are.

All of my sites include the following invisible, yet vital components:

  • Custom email accounts (yourname@yourcompany.com)
  • Assistance locating and securing a domain name that represents you (i.e. www.yourcompany.com)
  • Responsiveness: to ensure your site looks great on phones, tablets and full-size screens. Have you tried to access some web sites on your phone? Most don’t make it easy. This is the latest in web-design best practices.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization, to help you get found.
  • Google Analytics: for you to see stats on how many visitors you get and where they click.
  • Data Backup: to guard against accidental loss.
  • Documentation on using WordPress to blog or update your site
  • Ownership of your own domain – you own it, I just build it

For ongoing site maintenance, my hourly rate is $70/hour or you can purchase a maintenance package of 12 hours per year for $750.